About Geoface

Our story

The need to develop an intelligent farming system arose from the daily work with the farmers. The founders of Geoface has 10+ years of experience in agriculture, they are people who have tried a number of intelligent farming systems before.

Understanding the needs of both the market and the farmers, the Geoface developers implemented functions in the system that facilitate daily work on the farm. Crop monitoring, spraying and fertilization planning, financial analysis – the purpose of these functions is to help the farmer work more efficiently and earn more!


the idea to create a Geoface system was born this year. The team gathered in Kaunas started the system design and programming works


after more than three years of work, the official launch of the system was announced in January 2021


our goal is to make farmers work more efficiently - to invest less time and money and get higher yield. Geoface helps farms save fertilizers, chemicals and increases the profitability of each field

Precision agriculture

efficiency on the farm can only be achieved through the use of precision farming technologies. With the help of Geoface you will be able to plan variable rate fertilizations, calculate the amount of fertilizer and download variable rate fertilization maps

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  • Simple planning and implementation of daily tasks
  • Assistance with expenditure accounting
  • More efficient time management
  • Higher yield and profits
  • Maximum use of cutting-edge technology
  • Data-based farm solutions