2022.02 Update


  • Updated fAPAR (NDVI) photo upload and formatting process.
  • Updated field list and its design.
  • Fixed number rounding problem.
  • Uploaded topographic and granulometric composition map layers.
  • Fixed some translations.
  • Updated size units while formatting fertilization tasks.
  • Updated the “add fields” button design.
  • Edited “download fields” button design.
  • Added a field export function.
  • Updated the farm-choosing process.
  • Surasti ir išversti trūkstami vertimai visomis kalbomis
  • Updated field yield forecast visuals.
  • Added some additional crops.


  • Fixed occurring errors while adding fields.
  • Fixed notification formatting in tablets.
  • Removed system server errors.
  • Fixed the problem where you couldn’t add .shp files.
  • Fixed an issue when sometimes you couldn’t log in.
  • Fixed a user terms confirmation problem.

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