2022.10 Update


  • Updated plant protection product and seed consumption feature. While finishing tasks the product rates will be calculated based on the amount consumed and vice versa.
  • Adjusted task completion function. Tasks can now be completed without having the product in stock, and you will be able to immediately complete tasks after scheduling them.
  • You will now be able to adjust the journal entries.
  • Updated and tweaked the sowing feature.
  • Updated the product search function in the warehouse section.
  • Updated plant protection product information according to the latest Lithuanian governmental data.
  • Added molluscicides, desiccants, fumigants, acaricides, inhibitors, and defoliant products will be grouped with pesticides in the subgroup “Other”.
  • Redesigned spray recipe features.
  • The help function has been updated and adjusted. Now you will be able to see our contacts and watch educational video material if needed.
  • The notification section has been updated, now you can quickly and conveniently follow and see old notifications.
  • Changed the design of some icons to better represent the respective function.
  • Improved the design of the product adding section.
  • Adjusted crop colors.


  • Fixed system bugs

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