Smart farming systems on farms are inevitable

The global market for farm management software is expected to double by 2026, while only 30% of farms in Lithuania…

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Geoface – Digital farm management system made in Lithuania

What do you need for the best farm management program? As we move towards digital tools, we expect them to…

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Scientists will investigate why Labūnava agricultural company yields are above average

While many farms in Lithuania are striving to maximize their yields, Labūnava agricultural company, one of the most productive farms…

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NDVI FApar skirtumai

Even more accurate field mapping with FAPAR satellite technology

Over time, atypical weather conditions have become an increasing source of anxiety and challenges for farmers. Agriculture is the sector…

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How Geoface smart technologies can benefit the country’s farmers?

The need for new partnerships and modern technological solutions in the agricultural sector is increasingly driven by high environmental demands,…

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