2023.05 Update


  • A feature has been developed to allow the use of all registered PPE products regardless of culture.
  • Updated and expanded warehouse report. More slices will now be available for tracking warehouse movements.
  • The function of combining fields has been merged with the function of grouping fields.
  • Updated the seed creation part in the warehouse.
  • Updated weather forecast resource.
  • Unified field deletion windows


  • Journal design has been renewed
  • The crop legend on the map can be scrolled now
  • After adjusting the area in the task, the .PDF version will show the correct area.
  • Fixed when changing the actual quantity and treated area, the latter was not updated.
  • Downloading a job task will not combine different tasks anymore
  • You had to reload the page once you added a farm to a subscription, now it will be updated automatically
  • Fixed some translations
  • Fixed some misplaced design elements

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