2023.10 Update


  • Fertilizer and liming journals. You can now declare not only plant protection journals, but also fertilizer and liming journals through the Geoface system.
  • Updated fertilization and soil testing maps. The main maps of fertilization research suppliers are now available in Geoface. It is also possible to adjust the transparency of the maps to compare different maps.
  • The identification system has been expanded. It is now possible to identify through all major systems of identification.
  • Added an catch-crop filter in the fields section.
  • Improved journal identification system.
  • Adjusted color design in finance sections.
  • Added season selection in magazines.
  • Added the possibility to add products without price.


  • Fixed issue where fertilizer journals were stuck in the “Waiting” stage
  • After adjusting the date in the journals, it did not change in the jobs section.
  • Fertilization map data is now prepared correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes it would not allow you to add your own products.
  • The group area is no longer duplicated in the system.
  • Fixed user level issues.

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