2023.03 Update


  • Warehouse export function added. You will now be able to export all warehouse records in .xls format.
  • Adjusted calendar function. You will now be able to see the name of the job and the quantity and rate of product used.
  • The section on crop rotation filters has been improved and expanded. You will now be able to filter the desired fields more easily, by size, name, block number, and ownership.
  • A map has been added to display the information in the crop rotation section.
  • Filters in the work sections have been extended.
  • Added correction function for warehouse records. You can easily edit dates, prices, quantities, and other relevant information in purchase records.
  • Design adjustments in the mobile version of Geoface.
  • Adjusted layout of work task information.


  • Certain financial calculations have been sorted out.
  • The design of work task actions has been standardised.

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