2022.11 Update


  • Added job calendar function. Now you can see your planned and completed tasks easier on the calendar and on the map.
  • Added function to add invoice and waybill number. In the future, the part of adding the document itself will be added.
  • Added job title feature. Now you can give your work a name you like.
  • Added field moving between fields function.
  • Adjusted the function of adding treatment products to the warehouse.
  • Adjusted the design of the icons of some sections so that the latter represents the functions more accurately.
  • Updated the function of completing and adjusting fertilization jobs.
  • When you finish the task, the actual worked area can be adjusted.
  • Added field comments section.
  • Updated field information window.
  • Created a welcome email after registering to the Geoface application.
  • Updated lists of micronutrients and seeds.
  • Updated plant protection products according to the latest VATŽŪM data.
  • Reworked single field info window.



  • System errors have been corrected, and the database has been updated.

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